Individual Computer and Software Services

Software Education Training System CDs
Have you always wanted to learn about a computer program, but just couldnít find the time or right training material to see it through? Have you ever wished you could get that extra edge in the classroom, if only you knew more about computers? Have you ever felt that your job skills could improve by knowing just a little more about the computer? In this day and age, understanding how to use a computer and the programs that go all along with it isnít a luxury, itís a necessity. Low cost training CDs are available here.

One on One or Group Training.  We have 10+ years of experience and training in software and software design.  We will come to your site and train you or your staff in:

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
VBA Code writing

For additional information contact us at 805-256-8102.  We will quote you rates based on your needs.

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